Little Blue Barn {mini brand shoot}

Little Blue Barn is an adorably sweet brand by Susanna Makinson, a mother of FIVE. Yes, she is my hero. She actually won my heart when I first posted my brand shoot giveaway and she was the VERY first entry and I was giddy. Were people really going to hire me to do something I LOVE to do?! So I looked at her site and she was instantly a front runner. I loved how she had a full collection and had just launched in March of this year. I this is a brand that I should work with because we can help each other! So it was a win win. And now after working with her these last few weeks I love her and her brand even more. I love "meeting" such sweet people that are so enthusiastic about what they do.

Her brand shoot went amazing this past weekend. I got to meet a couple of IG mamas and their babes and the kids just loved Susanna's fox friends. They are the perfect size for toddler and babes! Her clothes fit really well on all the kids and are amazing professional quality. If you are a mother of five little ones, you would know that style has to meet practical and her brand does just that. Take a look at the fun the kids had and be sure to visit her favorite piece is the hand painted pinafore. I mean hand painted?! Genius.

Clothing by Little Blue Barn. Wooden toys donated by Bannor Toys. Denim shorts donated by Farm Fresh Denim.

Other participating brands: Half Pint Kids (chambray bloomers and knee high socks), June Park (bloomers and headwraps), Feather and Filly (leather moccasins), CutieKatKat (stuffed dog and cat), Gigi and Max (red floral wrap), Shop Common Folk (stuffed bear), Harper and Paisley (sandal moccasins), Free Babes (bows), Littlest Crotchet Shop (knit dumbbell)

Photography and Styling by Hello Charlie. Photos taken at Wheelhouse Studio in Des Moines, IA