Before There Were Four {our life captured session}

Over the years of being a photographer you slowly learn what your strengths are and you change your business plan to match those. You all know I love kids, kid shoots, brand shoots are now my thing for sure. BUT when I do a family I really want to give them something they will cherish forever (to sound cheesy but its true). And I think about what I would want personally. I have always hated myself in posed photos. My smile is fake, I don't like how I'm standing or how I look etc. I get really nervous and yell at my kids its a whole thing. I want to look back at my photos with my kids and I and remember the silliness, the messiness, and yes, even the craziness.

I asked my good friend Kelsey, if her and her family would do a session like this for me since they are coming up on a huge milestone in their family and adding a fourth member. For me, this was such a roller coaster of emotions for me when I was going through that. Your first born is YOUR WORLD. You change your life drastically and it all revolves around them. You have no idea how God is going to give you enough love to spread around to another tiny person. It's such an exciting time but its also really scary. I would have loved to have photos of my oldest when he was our only child because I know those memories will fade someday because honestly they already have. And you keep on making NEW memories! So here is a look at the Williams family of three soon to be four in their home, loving on their daughter, Rooney and preparing for little brother who is about to arrive any day now.

This session is on my pricing page under "Our Life Captured Package"