Little People Rocx {brand shoot}

Cathy and Kendra are the sister creative team behind Little People Rocx. I started stalking/following their resale page on Instagram about a year ago when I realized they were fashion geniuses. I loved their style and their outfit inspirations. I even was lucky enough to buy some outfits from them for Miles when he was a babe. So my love started there. They then opened up their headwrap shop and of course I was in love. They just have the best taste and their fabrics are the BEST. If you get one in person you will know what I mean. Some fabrics just don't work for headwraps so these two know what they are doing. Plus with four kids and one on the way between the two of them...they KNOW what they are doing ;)

So when they let me in on their huge secret they were coming out with a clothing line designed and made by them I was beyond excited and of course on board to shoot it for them. It was so exciting for me ...even though I have never met them in person, I feel like we are friends and watching their dreams come true is just so inspirational! Yes, I got sappy on you. It really is though. We all work so hard to be great moms and wives AND have creative outlets and jobs in one and it isn't easy. So take a look at this amazing line. Its coming out SOON so be ready I know they are going to sell out. Each piece is so transitional ...your daughter could easily wear this these for 3 years ...from a maxi to a midi it grows with them. It's just genius.

Clothing by Little People Rocx. Styling and Photography by Hello Charlie.

Sandals by Harper and Paisley and K and Elphy. Headbands by Belle and Whistle. Child's Pony Chair by Paloma's Nest.