Misoborn {product review}

My time on Instagram has meant a lot of style inspiration and meeting a lot of amazing people. Alexandra of Misoborn is definitely one of them. She designs and makes super cute chiefs for babes and toddlers. Her Instagram page is FILLED with inspiration you need to stop what you are doing and follow her immediately. She is a photographer so of course we are bonded there and she inspires me to mix patterns more and be bold with color choices. Her son is her muse and now he is my muse because he is the cutest ever and I absolutely love how she styles him. Have I convinced you yet? Well, take a look at these toddler chiefs she makes on my son, Miles.

Miles is the drool king aka "Bub" He was basically teething in the womb and hasn't stopped. I wish I had these for him when he was a tiny babe because they are genius. We can't go anywhere without a shirt change and when he eats he manages to find crevices to put his food in I never knew he even had. For real. So luckily I have connected with Alexandra and we now have these adorable toddler chiefs that I can put on him and save on laundry and up his cuteness factor even more.

If you have a baby boy or girl be sure to enter my giveaway on August 19th on my Instagram page @hello.charlie for your chance to win an entire gift set of drool proof chiefs for your little one!