Alley+Rae Apparel {product review}

Ok mothers who are scared of white tees for your kiddos listen up: I have found the perfect ones and they are from Alley+Rae Apparel. These are such a unique fabric they can be washed and worn and they don't fade and the kid stains come right me I tested it cuz this girl is MESSY. PLUS, they are adorable and I love the positive fun messages. I really do love black and white tee prints for my kids because I love to mix them with pops of color.

You have to check out Charlie's mood in these photos as I told her what each one said. Her personality shines with one on one attention so I absolutely love doing these shoots with her. I mean obviously we rocked out to the "Don't Stop Believin" tee...I mean that was a must. Plus she had her favorite fur skirt on so if she was going to a Bon Jovi concert at 3 years old she would have been SET.

I love the idea of "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful". This is something that ALL girls should remind themselves of...moms included. When I think of that for Charlie, I love her imagination right now and watching her play with her babies and animals and how loving and caring she is. I know she is going to make the perfect mother someday.

"She loved life and it loved her right back" That is the perfect quote for any little girl and that innocence is something that is so special to watch as a mother. We definitely can learn from watching our kids and how they just enjoy every littlest thing.

So are you guys convinced yet? You should be, this fabric is like no other tee I have for my kids so seriously....go shopping and use code "HELLO15" at checkout as a little bonus. Charlie approved and mother approved :)

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