Fall Style {Wear it Like Charlie}

We have had the oddest fall so far. Super hot at first ... I almost had a meltdown every day ... ok I DID actually have a meltdown every day and threatened to move north. I was sweating at school drop off through the end of September...that is so not cool. Last week it was winter for a few days and now we are back to muggy weirdness in October. That's the Midwest for you ... so we have to own all types of clothing for the in between seasons when EVERY SINGLE DAY is different. 

This coat dress from Miss Ainsley Mae is one of my favorites this fall. She can wear it as is with tights and boots, we can put a long sleeve tee under it OR throw on a cardigan for school so she can easily take that on and off. And it has my favorite colors this fall...mustard, browns and BLUSH. 

And as you know we love to pair her Ryan and Wren clips with almost everything and I'm having fun doubling them up to pin her bangs back because how can you choose just one to wear?!! 

dress: Miss Ainsley Mae || hair clips: Ryan and Wren || tights: Zara || boots: Hunter boots