Starting school in style {collaboration with Sprouting Threads }

We aren't exactly going "BACK" to school ... we are "STARTING" school and I'm trying to act like I'm totally cool with it even though I kind of want to hang with these three the rest of my life and pretend like they don't have to grow up on me. 

As my kiddos are getting bigger and my business is growing, I'm starting to find less and less time to go do things like SHOP, eat, sleep ... you know ... the basics. This summer really got away from me and I can't believe they start school in less than TWO weeks. Caleb will be in kindergarten and Charlie will start afternoon preschool. Miles still gets to bum it with me at home ... thank goodness they aren't all leaving at once! But as this milestone seemed to pop out of nowhere I realized I haven't picked the perfect "back to school" outfit and last year I was totally the Mom that got the note stapled to the backpack that school photos were... oh you know...TOMORROW. I had to run to Target and settle for what button up shirt they had in his size. Well, not this year folks! We got an amazing box of new clothes from Sprouting Threads and all three are set. They each got two complete styled outfits ... and what I love most about the service is that it's kind of like Christmas for me. A complete surprise and even though I am a stylist it's nice to have someone pick stuff out for them. I have to say the items are almost always what I wouldn't pick myself ... but I LOVE that. I also love discovering new brands through the service...there are so many out there! I put the outfits on the kids and I loved every single one. 

Since this is a big milestone for our little family I decided to take their photos at West End Architectural Salvage here in Des Moines. I wanted to use old lockers in the shoot and I KNEW they would have some and much more. I let the kids explore and of course made them pose for a few shots in their new clothes. I would recommend this type of shopping experience for every mama that is like me and means well...but those little deadlines sneak up on ya and this is the way to be prepared. And do it like a champion. 

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