Hello Charlie INternships

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We’re looking for a couple of local interns to help out with photoshoots, errands, craft projects, styling, scheduling and essentially helping our business grow. Our interns are professional, creative, and are a good representation of the Hello Charlie brand. We are looking for individuals who have knowledge of children’s fashion, love to be around kids, have a good eye for styling and are social media savvy. 


A few examples of what you’d do for us as an intern - 

  • prop creation, creating craft projects, and styling of props 
  • boxing and returning samples
  • steaming and pulling styles for shoots
  • gathering model information for samples and confirming models for shoots
  • negotiating samples and products from other small businesses or pulling suggestions to be approved by the Creative Director
  • assisting during photoshoots
  • scouting locations
  • creating moodboards
  • curating Pinterest boards
  • admin social media groups and post content
  • and much much more!



  • Des Moines, Iowa for local intern duties
  • Worldwide for Pinterest and Social Media Interns



Hello Charlie does not currently pay interns. You do not necessarily need to be a college student in order to intern with Hello Charlie. Any expenses or costs -- such as transportation, art supplies, etc --are the responsibility of the intern unless hired prior to the project by the Hello Charlie team. We also cannot guarantee that content created during an internship will be used on the blog, on social media, the website, digital or print formats.



Any content you create for Hello Charlie must NOT be published in any other blog, website, e-zine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social media network, or anywhere else online for anyone to view, until it is first published by Hello Charlie. Hello Charlie also has a non-compete with any other commercial photographer or photographer using the same studio space. Meaning you can’t conduct any similar styling or shoots on your own or with any other photographer using the same products or ideas from a shoot you have done with Hello Charlie. 

If you think you would be a good fit for the Hello Charlie Team we invite you to send your resume and information to hellocharliestudio@gmail.com with the subject "Hello Charlie Internship".