Hello Charlie studio Membership agreement

Hello Charlie Studio summary of rules: Take pride in the studio and your fellow members. ALWAYS secure the spaces. Knock when you arrive and shake the door handle when you leave so you know it is secure. Clean up messes (no loose glitter ever please) and remove your own trash. Be considerate of others and always treat the space as your own. Communicate with us. Practice ethical business and common sense. Be safe and be in charge. 

Hello Charlie Studio rules explained: (It’s a lot to read but it is very important. We will go over this information in person as well). Rules are subject to change. Notice of any change will be given within 30 days or ASAP. Rules can and will be amended as events arise to protect the studio and it’s members. Any change will be made with the primary focus of keeping the Hello Charlie location and privileges fair for current members. Hello Charlie Studio management will try to accommodate monthly members and their needs as fairly as possible. Each member's agreement is private between the member and management. At Hello Charlie, our focus is to produce an environment that is free of stress and encourages creativity. In order to maintain a stress-free environment, certain rules must be set and followed. 

Liability: Members agree to carry their own personal or professional business insurance. Members are expected to handle their own coverage for equipment, client interaction, accident and injury. At no time will Hello Charlie Studio or 118 SE 4th Street LLC, be liable/responsible for any damages to any property or persons. Including transporting, delivering or utilizing any portion of property or equipment located at 118 SE 4th Street, Des Moines. Each member is expected to protect the interest of 118 SE 4th Street, LLC, their fellow members, Market Building tenants and Hello Charlie Studio before their own financial interest. The member is responsible for their own actions and that of their clients. Therefore, the member has the right to ask the client/patrons to cease any behavior or actions that give them concern, or have them removed by calling authorities and management. 

Photography/Videography: Hello Charlie Studio is to be used for photography/videography business purposes only or events approved by Hello Charlie. Special events must be cleared by management. Special events include: pop up shops, open casting calls, open house events, anything that would involve more foot traffic through the studio. We are here to help your business grow so please just communicate your needs and we should be able to accommodate most requests. Large groups upstairs MUST be cleared with Hello Charlie as that is a community space for the entire building and must be cleared with the Property Manager. 

Take Pride in the studio: Open communication must be maintained with management. Members are encouraged to contribute opinions and suggestions to Hello Charlie management for consideration of amendments to rules. All members are expected to act in a professional manner. Members are given contact info for management and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. 

Do not use: loose glitter, any fire products, roof access ladder (upstairs) and no smoking ever. 

Codes/access: Under NO circumstances are members allowed to give codes to ANY other member or person. Cover the keypad when entering your code. Do not give access to any of the spaces to any other person while you have a reservation; ask them to return when you are finished or to contact management. Codes are sent to the member via text each month (they will change each month for our protection). We also have working cameras at all entrances to the studio. We have video access to this so we can keep the studio safe and secure and also be sure all members are abiding by the rules. 

Items left in the studio: Members may leave items at the studio at their own risk. items can only be kept in the space during the month they have made a payment. Please identify your items by marking your name on them. We will have designated storage area for members, no items are to be left in the open shooting areas other than the property of Hello Charlie or items approved by Hello Charlie. 

Schedule: All sessions must be scheduled by using the shared calendar. Sessions should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Last minute sessions must be approved by contacting Hello Charlie Studio before putting your session on the calendar. Members must inquire with Hello Charlie if two members want to occupy the space at the same time. Scheduling conflicts will be handled should they arise. Blocking time for sessions/use that do not exist yet is not allowed. Sharing a schedule only works if you schedule the time you need. Please do not schedule more than four hours in a day or more than 6 hours in one weekend. If you need more studio time for an event please contact management. All shoots longer than 4 hours MUST be approved by Hello Charlie BEFORE they go on the calendar. 

Respectful behavior: meaning all members perform with respect to the industry and fellow members. At no time will a member interfere in a manner that disrupts the business conducted by another photographer. Hello Charlie Studio is a friendly environment free of competition. The member rentals are intended to be a platform for business growth.

Sharing your membership: Only one person per membership. If you have questions about this rule contact Hello Charlie.

Security: When a member reserves the studio, they are responsible for the security of all belongings within the studio. Members are required the cover the keypad when entering your code. Always secure the studio when leaving to use the restroom. Members are expected to close the barn doors, There are two locks on the barn doors. One pad lock and one floor lock. 

Members agree to leave the studio in the condition it was found or better. Please remove any trash from your sessions. Turn off lights and equipment, double check all doors are locked, windows closed and the safety and the security of the studio is maintained. Studio management can be contacted day or night should there be a concern. 

Use of items in the space: Equipment and props can be shared ONLY with the permission of the member that owns the item. At no time is any member allowed to remove an item they do not personally own, without written permission from the owner of the item. Permission given in past to use items or equipment outside of the Market Building, does not constitute permission for future use. In the event a member discovers they may be liable for equipment broken, stolen, misplaced or damaged they will immediately notify management. 

Payment: Membership payment of $200/month (part time, 10 hours or less, storage space) or full time $325/month (20 hours or less, storage space), is to be paid prior to the 1st of the month that membership is requested. All members agree to 6 months of membership and must notify Hello Charlie within 30 days if membership is not to be renewed. Hello Charlie has priority over the calendar (primarily Sat/Sun mornings until 1pm), 1-2 full time members have next priority and all other members have final priority. Hello Charlie carefully selects members as to keep membership exclusive and for the best interest of the members to have access when they desire.

Membership monthly dues should be sent to www.paypal.me/hellocharlie

If your payment is late and does not arrive by the 1st, the first time you will be charged a $50 late fee, the second time, your membership will be cancelled. 

Cancellation of Membership: All members MUST give 30 days notice before they leave the studio or you will be required to pay the next month's rent. Hello Charlie has the right to cancel any membership at any time. These rules are put in place for the safety and liability of our business so after 1 warning of rules not be followed, you will be asked to remove your items immediately and your contract will be terminated. 

Communication: All members will be invited to be a part of a Facebook group to keep up on rules, events, and scheduling for the studio. Each member has their own private agreement with Hello Charlie so please direct all personal questions privately by contacting Emily directly rather than posting in the group page if there is an issue. 

Management can be contacted at anytime by texting/calling: 

Andy 712.330.8606 (security and maintenance)

Emily 712.330.0150 (scheduling and concerns)

Email:  hellocharliestudio@gmail.com


I hereby agree to follow all Hello Charlie Studio rules as stated above. I understand that this agreement is valid for the months I am a paid member. I understand I may only use the studio for months in which Hello Charlie has received, and deposited payment of membership dues. I also understand that I must make the payment before the first of the month, that I need access. I understand I am only paying for the months I need access. No refunds will be given for time unused. 

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