Hello Charlie Mini models

Hello Charlie Mini Models is a local group of models ranging from 6 months (sitting on their own), to up to around 8 years old. If you and your child love fashion, taking photos, getting to know other young kiddos, this could be the right thing for you! 

to be a hello charlie mini model you must: 

1. Be local to the Des Moines, Iowa area and be in our local Facebook group (where casting calls are posted)

2. Like to be around other kids and have your photo taken

3. Take direction, be silly, have fun

4. Like to get paid in adorable professional photos 

4. Have parents that are on time and reliable and willing to help get you to participate and have fun

5. Be adorable. All kids are cute in their own way and I think modeling is like everything else they try to do when they are young. It's for the kids that enjoy doing it as well as their parents. I don't "make" my own kids do it unless they want to. They ARE toddlers and everyone has their off days and trust me I am a mom of three toddlers so I'm totally with you. Anyone is welcome to join and come have fun with us! 

6. If you are interested in modeling and meet all the above requirements please join our facebook group and post in there a photo of your kiddos and any questions you have an our admin team will help you out. 

Please Note: my models get paid in professional photos for their time and cuteness for all shoots. No monetary compensation is given to the talent from Hello Charlie or Hello Charlie's clients. Things you gain from mini modeling: fun group environment, practice for future modeling (if you plan to go onto stardom), friends, and ....  FREE PHOTOS! You also get exclusive access to mini shoots and special discounts from Hello Charlie. I strive to keep my shoots easy, light and stress-free for the kids so they can be themselves and be kids at the same time.