Hello Charlie PHotography contract

  1. Fees: $425 for 6 model shoot, $325 for 4 models, $200 for 2 models. 
  2. Deposit: 50% of entire package is due at the time of booking to secure date. If date of shoot is to be changed after deposit has been paid, the final invoice will reflect a $100 rescheduling fee. Deposit and all fees are non-refundable. All fees are to be paid via Paypal and are due before the agreed upon shoot date and before final files are delivered to Client.
  3. Final photographs are to be delivered to the Client one week after agreed upon shoot date if all fees have been processed. 
  4. Minimum number of Photographs to be delivered to the Client: 40 images for base package of six models, 30 images for 4 models, 20 images for Mini Shoot Package of $200
  5. Final photographs shall be delivered to the Client via Dropbox online within one week of scheduled shoot date. 
  6. The Client shall assist and cooperate with the Hello Charlie in obtaining the desired photographs, including but not limited to specifying persons/clothing and/or scenes to be photographed; pre-shoot consultations, etc. Hello Charlie shall not be responsible for photographs not taken as a result of the Client's failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation.
  7. Hello Charlie hereby grants the Client unlimited and exclusive rights to use or reproduce the photographs for which the Client pays. Hello Charlie retains the ability to use photographs to self promote and advertise as well as the Client. Parties that contribute their products to the Client’s shoot have access to the final photos for social media purposes only (if agreed upon by the Client). 
  8. Models booked by Hello Charlie are paid in the form of edited final photographs where their child appears. The models can not use final photographs for commercial use and/or any purposes other than personal/social media use. 

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